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                                        OUR BELIEFS;

     We The Baptist Church of Ellington, New York believe in a Risen Savior, Jesus                         Christ, who is alive and now sits at the right hand of God our Father.                           We affirm the Holy Bible is the Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible Word of GOD.                                                            That is the basis for our beliefs.

                                        OUR MISSION;

           To spread the good news of Salvation and Everlasting Life by GODS grace                                   through the shed blood of his Son Jesus Christ at Calvary.

                                        OUR OBJECTIVES;

                     To give witness to others of the life saving grace through Jesus.
                            To teach people to grow in a relationship with Christ.
                                               To be a loving Church family.
        To help people experience the awareness of GOD in their lives through Worship                                                    and their daily walk with Jesus.
                                        To Minister to the needs of the people.
                We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention of Churches.